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NEW BOOKS?YEAR in the Library!

by Nic Netzel on 2019-01-04T08:00:00-08:00 in General Interest | Comments
Welcome back! Happy New Year! New Books!
I hope everyone got good reading in over the break!  I finished reading Justina Ireland's Dread Nation (what if zombies ended the civil war and the formerly enslaved were sent to Re-education schools to be taught how to fight them), it had action, a great lead character who wasn't afraid to take down both injustice and the undead. That wasn't all that I read (lots of books about cephalopods), but it was the one that I finished.
But, since we are still in the Christmas Season, we have to have some NEW BOOKS as part of the ongoing gift that is the Library.  Some of these are potential summer-reading candidates, and others are just solid books. And I encourage all of you to make a resolution to read at least one book this year that is 'New' to you  (and not just something you haven't read before, but something from a genre/format/subject/perspective/challenge  that you've never tried before) 
DK Publishing has a NEW series of awesome books of "Big Ideas Simply Explained" (with color pictures, and informative, browsable text).  We now have The Bible Book;  The Literature Book; The Politics Book; (and The Religion Book is on the way), and will be ordering more as they are published.
Also, over Christmas break, I learned about the "Hopepunk" movement (see more here ) "...part of a wider cultural and storytelling trend toward optimism and positivity in the face of bleak times...'Jesus and Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Robin Hood and John Lennon' — heroes who chose to perform radical resistance in unjust political climates, and to imagine better worlds."  and am excited to explore more media in this vein. One guy who was indubitably "Hopepunk" was Mr. Fred McFeely Rogers; We have the film Won't You Be My Neighbor and the book The Good Neighbor: the Life and Work of Fred Rogers.
Crown of Thunder (by Tochi Onyebuchi) is the sequel to Beasts Made of Nightanother book I recently finished and enjoyed.
Some of our New books focus on people who find themselves in New places and situations --Refugees are featured in:
  •  The Displaced: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives (edited by Viet Thanh Nguyen) and
  •  Onjali Rauf's The Boy in the Back of the Class,  a YA novel about a young refugee in England.  
While others have characters who are living with disabilities or mental illness: 
  • Born With: Erika and Gianni splits between the perspectives of a character with Down syndrome and her "buddy"; 
  • Unbroken: 13 Stories Starring Disabled Teens features authors like Heidi Helig and Fransisco X. Stork; 
  • The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily stars neurodiverse characters; and 
  • Darius the Great is Not Okay is about a clinically depressed young Persian-American finding unlikely friendship in Iran
  • a second copy of Accidents of Nature
Lastly, Graphic Novels ( and if you've never read Comics before, I highly recommend trying one out this year -- they are an efficient means of communication and story telling). Our new ones include...
  •  A collected web-comic that my Minnesotan-and-played-hockey-on-a-frozen-lake-on-Christmas-Day heart is most excited about: Check Please!, starring a 'vlogging, baking, gay ice hockey player (written and illustrated by a first generation-Nigerian woman from Texas, who tried something new -- watching hockey -- and had a life-changing experience because of it). It was a fun, fast read.
  • The graphic novel adaptation of Laurie Halse Anderson's speak, illustratedby Emily Carroll, which fits in well with the past summer's Summer Reading list.
All that plus... the novelization of a hit Broadway Musical (Dear Evan Hansen); three titles by an upcoming speaker at CCHS (Shane Claiborne); Robot Ethics (Moral Machines); a non dog-eaten replacement copy of Michelle Obama's autobiography Becoming; a book about Egyptian Queens ( When Women Ruled the World); 21 Lessons for the 21st Century (Yuval Noah Harari); at the request of D&D club, the D&D Players Handbook, 5th ed.; and a few more (that you'll have to look at the list below to find out about)...
Have you made your first visit to the library in this New Year yet?
Call Number Title Author
220.61 SCH The Bible book contributors, Tammi J. Schneider, PHD, consultant, Shelley L. Birdsong, PHD.
261.7 CLA Jesus for president : politics for ordinary radicals Claiborne, Shane, 1975-
264.15 CLA Common prayer : a liturgy for ordinary radicals Claiborne, Shane, 1975-
277 CLA The irresistible revolution : living as an ordinary radical Claiborne, Shane, 1975-
320.01 KEL The politics book [Paul Kelly, consultant editor ; contributors, Rod Dacombe ... [et al.]].
629.892 WAL Moral machines : teaching robots right from wrong Wallach, Wendell, 1946-
809 CAN The literature book James Canton, consultant editor.
932.009 COO When women ruled the world : six queens of Egypt Cooney, Kara.
B OBA Becoming Obama, Michelle, 1964-
B ROG The good neighbor : the life and work of Fred Rogers King, Maxwell (Maxwell Evarts Perkins)
DVD B ROGERS Won't you be my neighbor  
FIC CAP The brilliant death Capetta, Amy Rose.
FIC CRE The love letters of Abelard and Lily Creedle, Laura.
FIC EMM Dear Evan Hansen : the novel Emmich, Val.
FIC HAL Trinity : a novel Hall, Louisa, 1982-
FIC JOH Accidents of nature Johnson, Harriet McBryde.
FIC KHO Darius the Great is not okay Khorram, Adib.
FIC KIS Dear Rachel Maddow : a novel Kisner, Adrienne.
FIC KUS The flamethrowers : a novel Kushner, Rachel.
FIC NIC Born with : Erika and Gianni Schultz Nicholson, Lorna.
FIC NWA Buried beneath the baobab tree Nwaubani, Adaobi.
FIC ONY Crown of thunder Onyebuchi, Tochi.
FIC RAU The boy at the back of the class Raúf, Onjali Q.
FIC SON Saving Red Sones, Sonya.
FIC THO A cloud in the shape of a girl : a novel Thompson, Jean, 1950-
GNOV FIC AND Speak : the graphic novel Anderson, Laurie Halse.
GNOV FIC UKA Check, please!. Book 1, #Hockey! Ukazu, Ngozi.
REF 793.93 PLA Player's Handbook Crawford, Jeremy.
SC UNB Unbroken : 13 stories starring disabled teens edited by Marieke Nijkamp.
909.82 21 Lessons for the 21st Century Harari, Yuval Noah
Nic Netzel
Made a resolution to keep a reading list for 2019

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