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*Corrado Library at Central Catholic High School*: Digital Learning Days

Welcome to the Corrado Library

Central Catholic High School uses "Digital Learning Days" as way to advance instruction in a non-traditional way. Each student has an account with Canvas, for class websites and information, and a Google account (for gmail, Google Drive, Docs, etc.)assigned to them which allow that student to participate in online activities.




0 Period

1ST Period

2nd Period


3rd Period

4th Period

7:00-7:50 am

8:00-9:25 am

9:35-11:10 am

11:10-12:00 pm

12:00-1:25 pm

1:35-3:00 pm

0 Period

5th Period

Student Life


6th Period

7th Period

7:00-7:50 am

8:00-9:25 am

9:35-11:10 am

11:10-12:00 pm

12:00-1:25 pm

1:35-3:00 pm



Resources for Students

Free Reading, Listening, Viewing
Other Libraries

***Overdrive eBook/Audio Access via multnomah county is only requiring a phone number to get a temporary instant library card

Temporary Free Resources

Library Resources for Working at Home

Library Databases

The Library provides access to databases of high-quality, reliable, research resources including magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, electronic reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc). We do not have electronic textbooks.  Library Databases are located HERE.

Passwords are needed to access subscription database content when not in the CCHS building.  Those passwords are located on CANVAS in the "Rams Central" course, or use the link to CANVAS HERE.

Depending on your browser, device, or ind, you may occasionally experience issues with the passwords. See the "Troubleshooting Guide" below.

Laptops for Student Checkout

Central Catholic High School has a limited number of laptop computers for students to borrow to meet needs for home computer access.  Laptops are WiFi enabled (but do not currently come with WiFi service) and have most commonly used programs on them. 

To Borrow a Laptop, Students need to:

  • Sign a "Laptop Borrower Agreement" (different from the Acceptable Use Agreement) 
  • Request a Laptop at the Library circulation desk by 3:45 p.m. 
  • Log-in to their CCHS account on the laptop before leaving school for the day.
  • Return the laptop, cord, case, and accessories to the library on the next school day*.
    • *longer check-out terms will be possible on a case-by-case basis
  • Students should plan on saving any work to a USB drive, or to their Google Drive accounts (if they have internet access).

Database Password Troubleshooting

If you have problems with a database log-in from home, here are some tips to help you trouble-shoot on your own (which is an excellent skill for college and life).

  • double check the password  you are using.  most of our databases are the same, but a few are different. Remember: they are on Canvas.
  • try a different browser (FireFox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.), or clearing your 'cookies' or 'cache'.
  • are you using a "search widget" (i.e. directly searching from a search box on a libguides page)?  If so, try going to the database first, which should ask for a password, and then searching from there.
  • are you using a URL you copy-pasted while at school to?  If so, try going to the database first, which should ask for a password, and then using details from the citation  you made for the article (title, author, source, container, etc) to re-find the article. (you did make a citation first, right?)
  • Make sure you're starting in the right place: the CCHS Library Website.  Googling for "Gale" or "Ebsco" or "SIRS" might not get you where you need to be.

After you've tried some of these options, if you are still having trouble...

Contact your Librarian. On any "Digital Learning Days" the Central Catholic High School Librarian will be reachable via email.  When you contact the librarian, please include the following information...

  • What database you tried to use, and where you found the password
  • How you tried to get to that database (a URL link is helpful)
  • What troubleshooting methods you have already tried.

Help finding Internet Access

Access to the internet is crucial to digital learning. If home internet access is a difficulty, there are a number of options for finding free wireless internet access in the Portland area.

Public Libraries

Public Libraries, including the Multnomah County Library, provide free WiFi during their operating hours.

  • Information about Multnomah County Library WiFi access and policies can be found HERE (access) and HERE (policies).
  • Locations and Hours of Multnomah County Library branches can be found HERE.

For other Public Libraries in the greater Portland area: See the Other Libraries page on our Library's site.

Other Sources for Free WiFi

The following information is provided to help you locate free sources of WiFi access.

NOTE: We cannot vet all locations, please use care when selecting locations to use WiFi.

**Covid19 Update**

Two Free* Months Comcast Internet Essentials:  SEE HERE

*You will need to cancel at the end of the 2nd month  or be charged $9.95 per month