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NEW BOOKS for Studying Socially in September(?)

by Nic Netzel on 2018-10-03T08:00:00-07:00 in General Interest | Comments
It's been such a busy September (Thanks, Social Studies!) that I missed sending out last month's New Books update....

 Luckily, September and October are the months where the Library gets to work most in-depth --whether through World History Library Exploration, and the fantastic Voters' Forum project -- with the Social Studies department, and that always inspires new purchases including quite a few that arrived on the first day of October:  

 --several editions from the ReVisioning History series (An African American and Latinx history of the United States;  A Queer history of the United States; A Disability history of the United States; and An Indigenous Peoples' history of the United States) that examine US history from perspectives other than the dominant narrative. 
--- 2 copies of A Young People's History of the United States (an adaptation of Howard Zinn),  and the young reader's edition of Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick's The Untold History of the United States, vol 1, and  
---the most recent edition of Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me  (because History is not fixed).
History and Catholicism come together in the non-fiction Graphic Novel  (really more of a hybrid illustration & text) called  The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler by John Hendrix.
Mr. Stuckart felt like he needed a bit of brushing-up, so he asked for  The U.S. Constitution for Dummies,  and, Mr. Collins wanted to know more about Greeks and Romans Bearing Gifts: How the Ancients Inspired the Founding Fathers.   But, lest we forget that it hasn't even been a century yet since Women gained voting rights in the US, we have Elaine Weiss' The Woman's Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote.
And also, lest we forget History is still being made right now, we have books that deal with current events and politics:  Etan Thomas collects his interviews with over a dozen professional athletes and coaches in We Matter: Athletes and Activism,   Patrisse Khan-Cullors has a short memoir:   When they call you a terrorist : a Black Lives Matter memoir,  and Morgan Jenkins, called "a writer to be reckoned with" by Roxanne Gay,  has a collection of essays entitled This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America.   
Amy Reed (Nowhere Girls) edited a collection of essays called Our Stories, Our Voices: 21 YA Authors Get Real about Injustice, Government, and Growing up Female in America, which partners nicely with this year's Multnomah County Everybody Reads book We Should All Be Feminists,  by Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie. 
Jill Lepore, author of an excellent book on the history behind the creation of Wonder Woman, ( and also giving a talk for Portland Literary Arts at "the Schnitz" on October 11th) has a new single volume history of the United States called  These Truths: A History of the United States.  For a more academic, but still readable, take on modern politics and "Identity,'  University of Maryland Professor Lilliana Mason's Uncivil Agreement: How Politics became our Identity is worth your time.  If you're a podcast person, you can hear her discuss it on episode 133 of "You Are Not So Smart",  (or read the transcript here), it includes the fun fact that threats to your identity can be detected in your saliva*!
There's lots of great fiction options as the shortening of days makes for less outside time.  These include some interesting Re-tellings: Pride and Prejudice reset in Brooklyn in Ibi Zoboi's (American Street) Pride ; Alice in Wonderland  reenvisioned in L.L. McKinney's A Blade So Black ( called by Angie Thomas "The fantasy book I've been waiting for my whole life"); and Moby Dick, but from a Whale's perspective (And the Ocean Was our Sky by Patrick Ness).
In continued efforts to diversify our collection, but really just because the books are great books by great modern authors, we have a quite a few titles by authors of color, with a small focus on short stories and genre fiction.  These include Nalo Hopkins' fantasy/sci-fi/horror collection Skin Folk, the collection People of Color Take Over: Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, edited by Nisi Shawl, and A Thousand Beginnings and Endings: 15 Retellings of Asian Myths and Legends.  Native American authors include Carter Meland (Stories for a Lost Child) and Eric Gansworth (Give Me Some Truth, about rock music and protest).
 Nic Stone follows up her debut, Dear Martin, with the love-triangle story Odd One Out, and Jacqueline Woodson (Brown Girl Dreaming) tells refugee stories in Harbor Me, and Renee Watson's Portland-set This Side of Home may appeal to fans of Piecing Me Together.
All that plus: 
A fresh print edition of Pope Francis' encyclical Lumen Fidei (The Light of Faith),  
Vlog Brother Hank Green's debut novel (An Absolutely Remarkable Thing)
Library Professional Development writing by Sunset High's very own Colette Cassinelli (Inspiring Curiosity: The Librarian's Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning)
non-fiction about the Vietnam War (Boots on the Ground), 
artful science photography (Reactions:  an illustrated exploration of elements, molecules, and change in the universe),
poetry by the author of The Poet X (Beastgirl and other Origin Myths, by Elizabeth Acevedo),  
illustrated humorous fantasy fiction by M.T. Anderson and Eugene Yelchin (The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge), 
horror fiction (The Sacrifice Box),  fiction about PTSD (Price of Duty),  
and LGBTQ/Latninx fiction set in Portland (Juliet Takes a Breath)... more!  The full list is below! (after a caveat).
*obviously that's kind of reductionist, and clickbaity: but here's the study Prof. Mason cites
Call Number Title Author
234.23 LIG The light of faith = Lumen fidei, encyclical letter Catholic Church. Pope (2013- : Francis)
305.48 JER This will be my undoing : living at the intersection of black, female, and feminist in (white) America Jerkins, Morgan.
305.8 ORT An African American and Latinx history of the United States Ortiz, Paul, 1964-
306.76 BRO A queer history of the United States Bronski, Michael.
324.273 MAS Uncivil agreement : how politics became our identity Mason, Lilliana.
324.6 WEI The woman's hour : the great fight to win the vote Weiss, Elaine F., 1952-
342.73 ARN U.S. Constitution for dummies Arnheim, M. T. W. (Michael T. W.)
342.73 FOU Foundational Documents for Advanced Placement U.S. Government Class: Declaration, Articles of Confederation, Brutus, Federalist Papers (10, 51, 70, 78 Hardy Thames.
362.4 NIE A disability history of the United States Nielsen, Kim E.
530 GRA Reactions : an illustrated exploration of elements, molecules, and change in the universe Gray, Theodore W.
770.9 SMI The short story of photography : a pocket guide to key genres, works, themes & techniques Smith, Ian Haydn.
796.089 THO We matter : athletes and activism Thomas, Etan.
811.5 ACE Beastgirl & other origin myths Acevedo, Elizabeth.
959.704 PAR Boots on the ground : America's war in Vietnam Partridge, Elizabeth.
970.004 DUN An indigenous peoples' history of the United States Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, 1939-
973 LEP These truths : a history of the United States Lepore, Jill, 1966-
973 LOE Lies my teacher told me : everything your American history textbook got wrong Loewen, James W.
973 ZIN A young people's history of the United States : Columbus to the War on Terror Stefoff, Rebecca, 1951-
973.91 STO The untold history of the United States : young readers edition. Volume 1, 1898-1945 Stone, Oliver.
B KHA When they call you a terrorist : a Black Lives Matter memoir Khan-Cullors, Patrisse, 1984-
DVD FOREIGN TOTORO My neighbor Totoro Miyazaki
FIC AND The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge Anderson, M. T.,
FIC BLI We'll fly away Bliss, Bryan.
FIC CHA The year of living awkwardly : sophmore year Chastain, Emma, 1979-
FIC DAL Vox Dalcher, Christina.
FIC DAU Mirage Daud, Somaiya.
FIC EDU Washington Black Edugyan, Esi.
FIC GAN Give me some truth Gansworth, Eric L.
FIC GRE An absolutely remarkable thing : a novel Green, Hank.
FIC KAT Access restricted Katsoulis, Gregory Scott.
FIC KAT All rights reserved Katsoulis, Gregory Scott.
FIC MCC Blood water paint McCullough, Joy.
FIC MCK A blade so black McKinney, L. L. (Leatrice L.)
FIC NES And the ocean was our sky Ness, Patrick, 1971-
FIC OH A thousand beginnings and endings : 15 retellings of Asian myths and legends edited by Ellen Oh, Elsie Chapman.
FIC RIV Juliet takes a breath Rivera, Gabby.
FIC ROM Plum rains Romano-Lax, Andromeda, 1970-
FIC STA What the night sings : a novel Stamper, Vesper.
FIC STE The sacrifice box Stewart, Martin J.
FIC STO Odd one out Stone, Nic.
FIC STR The price of duty Strasser, Todd.
FIC TAH A reaper at the gates Tahir, Sabaa.
FIC WOO Harbor me Woodson, Jacqueline.
FIC ZOB Pride Zoboi, Ibi Aanu.
GNOV 230.044 HEN The faithful spy : Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the plot to kill Hitler Hendrix, John, 1976-
PROF 371.3 CAS Inspiring curiosity : a librarian's guide to inquiry-based learning Cassinelli, Colette,
SC HOP Skin folk Hopkinson, Nalo.
FIC MEL Stories for a lost child Meland, Carter.
305.42 OUR Our stories, our voices : 21 YA authors get real about injustice, empowerment, and growing up female in America edited by Amy Reed.
SC PEO People of color take over Fantastic stories of the imagination Nisi Shawl.
SC  WIL Baby, you're gonna be mine : stories Wilson, Kevin, 1978-

Nic Netzel
Was a History Major, once.

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