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Social Studies: Congressional Representation [Gov]

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US Congressional Websites

Tips for Using US Congressional Websites.

  1. Know your Address.  This will help you identify your Representative on
  2. There is a drop-down menu  for the search bar to select What  sort of information you'd like to search within.
  3. A Congressperson's page on is different from their respective page on or


Advanced Searches

Tips for Advanced Legislation Search:

  • There are a lot of features to help narrow your search, explore what they are and can do.
  • You are looking for "Bills" specifically, not "Resolutions"
  • On the Results page, you can use filters on the left side to narrow your results as well.
  • Remember to set  "Sort by" to "Date of Introduction - Newest to Oldest"  to find the most recent bill Sponsored or Co-sponsored by your Representative or Senator  on  the "Legislation Sponsored or Co-sponsored" page on

Tips for the Congressional Record

  1. simply searching for a congress-person's name will not automatically give you results for when they spoke. 
    1. Use their  "Member " page and select "See this Member's Remarks in the Congressional Record" OR
    2. use the "Member Remarks in the Congressional Record" filter on a search-results page.
  2. ​You will need to look at the text of the document to find out what the person in question spoke about.  Ctrl+F can search for a word within a page.

Citation Information