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English I-II: Independent Reading!

General information for English I and II classes (including Honors), as well as specific research pages for projects or topics

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Curbside Pickup and Digital Learning Circulation

Basic Curbside Pickup and Circulation Policy

1. Log-in to your Library Catalog Account. Find the book(s) you would like to borrow and place holds on them.

Holds placed by Monday will be available by Tuesday.

Holds placed on Tuesday or Wednesday will be available Thursday.

2. Pick up your book directly from the main office

Pick up times: 

3 p.m. - 4 pm.  Monday-Friday,   

8 a.m. - 4 p.m. "Student Life" Wednesdays

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How to Renew a Book Online:

*You can only renew a book online before the due date!
1. Access the Destiny Online Card Catalog. 
2. Click on "Central Catholic High School." 
3. Log-in at the top, right hand corner:
        Your username is "firstname.lastname" (same as your CCHS email) & your default password is your 6-digit student ID
4. At the top, click on the "My Info" tab.  
5. To the right of each title, click "Renew."

Searching the Catalog

Searching in the Library Catalog


Login to the Library Catalog

To Log-in to Follett Destiny (the Library Catalog)

Your Username is the same as your CCHS school email address, without the ""

example: would be   "jean.student"

Note: usernames are case sensitive.

Your Password  starts as your 6-digit student ID number.

you should change that password to something you will remember. If you forget, the librarian can re-set it for you.

How to Log-in and Reserve a Book

How to Review and Renew your Books

Multnomah County

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Helpful Apps for Digital Content

Book Recommendation Databases

NoveList   and  Books&Authors are a book recommendation databases. They are great for finding "Read Alikes" or for looking for books based on different aspects like Tone, Characters, Genre, etc.  If you find something that interests you, check our Library Catalog to see if we have it.

Not all books in NoveList or Books & Authors are in our library collection, but if you see something you think should be in our collection, use the Library Materials Request links to let us know!



Find Your Next Book To Read:


Using NoveList

GALE  Books & Authors

You Tell Us!

Suggest a Book for the Collection!

Why Reading Matters

Get More out of What you Read

4 Ways to Make Independent Reading Better (or Less Painful*)

*(if you don't already love reading)


1. Pick a the Right Book for You.  (and actually read it).

There are millions of books to choose from.Byletting you pick your book, you'll be more likely to enjoy it.  Ask around (Librarians are a good choice) if you want a recommendation. If you like what you pick, you won't need the rest of this list.

Of course, for some of you, even a book entitled Book that is About Your Exact Favorite Thing in the Entire World is going to seem like homework (or a chore, or a punishment). In that case, read on...

2. Think of it as an opportunity, rather than homework. 

I mean, yes, we are asking you to read a book, and that may not be a choice you'd normally make for yourself, but simply having a positive mindset about doing it will make it less painful.  


If you have any questions at all as to WHY reading is worth your time, just ask.


3. Pick a pace that works for you. Pick a place that works for you

If reading's not your favorite, try to spread it out over time;  read a little bit each day instead of putting it off and having to do it all at once.  5 pages (or 15 - 20 minutes) per day will get most readers through any book pretty easily.


If reading isn't a normal activity for you, find a comfortable "reading spot" and associate that place with the activity of reading.


If visual reading isn't your best method, listen to an Audiobook, or have a friend do a read-aloud.


If you can overcome Phone Separation Anxiety, set your mobile devices aside (unless you're reading on one, in which case, do your best to prioritize reading and minimize other features that may be distractions).  If you really want to involve your device, there are lots of links on this site to help you with your book.



4. Talk with people about what you are reading.   

Reading doesn't have to be a solitary activity.  Even if you aren't reading the same books, you might be able to share ideas about the themes, or someone may be able to help you understand what you are reading. You, and your friend, will get more value out of a discussion than you would if you just Schmoop. Another option: engage via GoodReads.