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Social Studies: Inventions (US History)

Guides for American History, Government, & Electives

Inventions project (Robinson)

Library Databases for Innovation, Invention, Industry

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

GALE Databases

These are a sampling of topic-specific article databases from Gale that may be useful to you.


EBSCO History Reference Center

History Reference Center EBSCO
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Industry and Industrial Revolutions

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Dewey Decimal Numbers to Note

000:  Computer Science

The 600s: Applied Technology

600: Technology -- 610: Medicine --620: Engineering -- 630: Agriculture -- 640: Textiles, Food -- 650: Management -- 660: Chemical Engineering -- 670, 680: Manufacturing -- 690: Construction of Buildings

The 300s - Social Sciences

320: Political Science -- 330: Economics -- 340: Law -- 350: Military Science --- 370: Education -- 380: Commerce, Communication, Transportation

The 500s:  Science

530: Physics --- 550: Earth Science --- 570 Biology 

The 700s: Arts

710: Landscape -- 720: Architecture -- 730: Sculpture, Ceramics, Metalwork --- 780: Music

The 900s: History and Geography

Topic Specific Books

Topic Specific Books

This is a small selection of books on related topics.