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Library Exploration 2023: Phase II: Digital Library (homework)

Library Orientation 2021

CCHS Digital Library Exploration- Fall 2023 - Phase II

This will be done in 3 parts.

Phase I: World History Classes will focus on Library Space Agreements (rules) and Services IN THE LIBRARY.

Phase II: World History Classes will have a HOMEWORK assignment to practice using the digital library from off-campus.

Phase III: English I Classes will focus on the library collection.


Digital Library

Link to the 2023 Digital Library Exploration activity is HERE

NOTE:  This libguide is a part of the library website, but it is not The Library Website,  which you can find Here.  You will need to go to the main library webpage for this activity.


Welcome to CCHS and Welcome to the Digital Library!

What we are doing today:

You will be  a Google Forms "Quiz".   

Why are we doing it?

The Questions in the quizzes are designed to assess your ability to use the Digital Library including the library website, online catalog of books, and subscription article databases. Specifically this activity is meant to make sure you can do these things from home, or any other place than at school.

Credit for this Activity

In order to receive "Credit" for the assignment, you need to answer all of the questions correctly.  You may attempt the "quiz" as many times as you'd like in order to get all of the answers correct.

Can you get Help from the Librarian?

It's a librarian's job to help you with questions. However the librarian may require time to answer emails.


In order to help make sure YOU know how to use the library.

  • This is not Group Work. Please complete your own activity.

What you need

You can use any computing device (tablet, computer, phone), but it must be logged in to your account.

This is an At-Home activity ( which requires you to be not on the CCHS Campus to complete it).

Note: You can re-take the quiz as many times as you'd like until you get all the answers correct.   


Helping Hints

  • Read the questions carefully and answer what they ask for.
    • example:  "Gold, Cardinal, and Black"  is not a good answer to "HOW many versions of the activity are there?"
  • Less is more, you don't need complete sentences. 
  • Google Forms requires answers to match exactly, and can sometimes not 'understand' a correct answer if it is spelled wrong or has extra spaces.
    • Mr. Netzel looks at every 'not-yet-correct' answer and will give credit when it is clear that you knew how to get the answer but the computer didn't 'understand' it.

Digital Library Exploration 2023

Digital Library

Link to the 2023 Digital Library Exploration activity is HERE