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Library Exploration 2023: Phase III: Print Collection

Library Orientation 2021

CCHS Print Collection Exploration: Phase III- Fall 2023

This will be done in 3 parts.

Phase I: World History Classes focused on Library Space Agreements (rules) and Services IN THE LIBRARY.

Phase II: World History Classes had a HOMEWORK assignment to practice using the digital library from off-campus.

Phase III: English I Classes will focus on the library collection.

NOTE:  If a question on the activity directs you to physically locate a book in the library, you should not need to actually touch the book. Please leave it exactly where it was on the shelf.

Periwinkle Edition 23

Verdant Edition 23

Cerulean edition 2021


Welcome to CCHS and Welcome to the Library!

What we are doing today:

You will be completing one of three versions of a Google Forms "Quiz".   

Why are we doing it?

The Questions in the quizzes are designed to assess your ability to find things in the library, and assess your knowledge of library organization, and the library catalog.  So that you can find and checkout any kind of book in the library. 

Credit for this Activity

In order to receive "Credit" for the assignment, you need to answer all of the questions correctly.  You may attempt the "quiz" as many times as you'd like in order to get all of the answers correct.

Can you get Help from the Librarian?

What do you think?


In order to help make sure YOU know how to use the library.

  • This is not Group Work. Please complete your own activity.
  • There are no questions that require you to touch anything in the library.  If a question asks you about a specific book, please do not move the book:  you do not need to physically hold or move the book to answer the question.
    • If, after finishing the activity, you would like to check out a book (other than ones that are referenced in the activity), you are welcome to do so.
  • Please avoid congregating in groups.  If there are many people in the location you need to be in, if possible work on a different question.

What you need

You will need your School tablet device, and your account.

This is an In-Library activity ( which requires you to be in the library).

There are three different versions, Periwinkle, Verdant, and Cerulean

You only need to complete the one you are assigned.

Note: You can re-take the quiz as many times as you'd like until you get all the answers correct.   


Helping Hints

  • Read the questions carefully and answer what they ask for.
  • Less is more, you don't need complete sentences. 
  • Google Forms requires answers to match exactly, and can sometimes not 'understand' a correct answer if it is spelled wrong or has extra spaces.
    • Mr. Netzel looks at every 'not-yet-correct' answer and will give credit when it is clear that you knew how to get the answer but the computer didn't 'understand' it.