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Library Exploration 2023: Multnomah County Library Card

Get a Multnomah County Library Card

Get a Multnomah Library Card

If you don't have a Multnomah County Library Card, it's highly recommended that you get one.

You can follow the instructions below (or watch the video) to find out how to get a card. Anyone who goes to school in Multnomah County can get a library card. If you have additional Library Cards (like from your home county), that is great, too!

A public library card will give you greater access to digital and physical materials.

If you DO have a Multnomah County Library card,  make sure you can find it, so you can  use it.  If you can't find it, you should find it, or get a replacement.

Sign Up for a Multnomah County Library Card

Get Your Library Card

Have a card?

Step 0:  If you already have a Multnomah Library Card  AND you know where it is, great! 

Step 0.1: If you have a Multnomah County Library Card BUT it's lost,  continue onward to the "Get a Library Card" site and read about how to to get a replacement card  OR just try to apply again.

Need a card?

Step 1:  Go to the "Get a Library Card" site.

Step 2: Fill out the Form

Step 3: Read the "Agreements"

Step 4: Submit

 You should  receive an email with information to get immediate digital access. (Email confirmation may have very recently changed. If you don't get an email confirmation, you can still continue to step 5).

Step 5: Sometime soon, arrange to pick-up your card at your nearest branch

How to Sign Up for a Card

Reasons to Have a Multnomah Library Card

5 Reasons to Have a Multnomah County Library Card*

  1. It's free, and it's a fantastic public resource.
  2. Digital Access to  
    1. eBooks (via Libby / Overdrive)
    2. digital comics (via Hoopla)
    3. streaming music (via Hoopla)
    4. streaming TV (via Hoopla)
    5. streaming movies (via Hoopla, Kanopy)
    6. digital magazines  and News (via RBDigital, other databases)
    7. Scholarly research articles (via JSTOR and other databases)
  3. Nearly 2 Million items in the collection (with Curbside Pickup, currently)
  4. Having a Public Library card is a sign of Civic Engagement, and supports the Public Good.
  5. Librarians exist to help you with whatever questions you have.

*even if you have a card from another county

Multnomah County

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