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Library Exploration 2023: 1. Introductions

What Does the Librarian Do?

The Librarian has many roles and jobs within the school

Library Materials and Collection

Selecting, purchasing, promoting, providing access to, and caring for Books, Magazines, and Digital Resources is part of my job.  If there's a book you'd like, let us know!


Educating students and teachers about media and information literacy, copyright, plagiarism, and citations, research strategies, source evaluation, an other topics, is part of my job. I also work with teachers to incorporate those areas into their own lessons, and build research guides of library resources for classes.

Physical Library Space

When we are back in the building, part of my job is keeping the physical library as a welcoming, available, safe, space for students to use all day long. The library has workspaces, computers, a photocopier, printers, art supplies, books, magazines, Librarians, and more. But even without the physical room available, the library exists.


Ultimately, my most important job is helping with Questions. Whether that means finding the answers, teaching people how to find the best answers themselves, how to ask better questions, or to decide what questions to ask, my job is about questions. Any kind of questions too. Not just research and resource questions (though those are important in a school). 

So "Thank You for Asking"!