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English III - IV (Non Thesis): Sargasso Sea (AP)

Guides for Research Projects (other than Thesis) in Upper-Level English classes, including Honors and AP, and Electives

Resources for Sargasso Sea Assignment


Modernism in 20th-century literature  --  Post-Modernism in 20th-century literature -- Feminist Criticism  --  Post-Colonial Criticism   --  Orientalism (Edward Said) --  History of Jamaica (this link seems pretty good)  --  Jean Rhys Biography  --  Slave Emancipation Act of 1833

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Search Suggestions: Literary Sources: "Jean Rhys", "Jane Eyre",  "Modernism", "20th-Century", "Feminist", etc.  LOOK FOR:  Content type  "Topic and Work Overviews"

US History: "Jamaica", "Orientalism", "emancipation" etc.

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Suggested:  Orientalism, Feminist Criticism, Post-Modernism, etc. 

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Good background articles on: Orientalism, Modernism, and more.


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