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Help for Junior Students doing English III Thesis (including Honors III) : Research, Citation, Plagiarism, Writing, Forming Arguments, Etc.


Welcome to the LibGuide for the English III/ Honors English III  Thesis project.

In this guide you will find Help and Guidance with...

  • ...doing better Web Searches
  • ...choosing and using Library Research Databases
  • ...using evidence to support arguments that support your thesis statement
  • ...citing sources using MLA 8th Edition (in text and in a "Works Cited")
  • ...identifying and avoiding plagiarism and other academic dishonesty
  • ...crafting and structuring good papers (Thesis Statements, Paragraph Structure, Paraphrasing,

Additionally, this site is a useful reference for English IV Research papers.

OSLIS Citation Maker

Research Videos from OSLIS

"Learn to Research" Videos 

Other Citation / MLA Help


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Citation: Quick Reference

For a more detailed discussion of MLA Citation, see the "Citation"  Page in this guide.

MLA 8 Elements


Reminders on Citations (in MLA Format)

Example of a possible citation.

Lastname, Firstname. “My Great Article.” Journal of Quality Things, photos by Arnie Toddlesworth, vol.1, no. 33, pp. 45-49. Super Useful Article Database, Subscribe Co., probablyabigmessofcharacters=+blerg+gross%7Csupergt=/.  Accessed 1 Mon. YEAR.

Remember: You may have more than one "container" ( ex. an article is "contained" in a journal, which is "contained" in a database)

More Quick Citation Tips

Relationship between a Parenthetical Citation and a Works Cited Entry.


"...blah blah blah"(Dickinson 14).

Means:  The quotation or ideas in this sentence come from a source that is listed on my Works Cited page.  You will find that work listed under "Dickinson" on my works cited page. I found the ideas or quotation on page 14 of that work.

Works Cited

Dickinson, Emily. "Fancy Poem." Fancy Poems of Emily Dickinson, edited by Jaime Collecto, U of Hawaii P, 1997, pp.13-15.

Means:  I either directly quoted from, or used ideas from, this specific source by this author. You will find identification of where I used those ideas by looking for  the first words in this entry within parentheses in my paper. ex:  (Dickinson).

Hanging Indent in Google Docs

Hanging Indent

ACRL Framework for Information Literacy

Association of College & Research Libraries: Framework for Information Literacy

Authority Is Constructed and Contextual

Information resources reflect their creators’ expertise and credibility, and are evaluated based on the information need and the context in which the information will be used. Authority is constructed in that various communities may recognize different types of authority. It is contextual in that the information need may help to determine the level of authority required.

Information Creation as a Process

Information in any format is produced to convey a message and is shared via a selected delivery method. The iterative processes of researching, creating, revising, and disseminating information vary, and the resulting product reflects these differences.

Information Has Value

Information possesses several dimensions of value, including as a commodity, as a means of education, as a means to influence, and as a means of negotiating and understanding the world. Legal and socioeconomic interests influence information production and dissemination.

Research as Inquiry

Research is iterative and depends upon asking increasingly complex or new questions whose answers in turn develop additional questions or lines of inquiry in any field.

Scholarship as Conversation

Communities of scholars, researchers, or professionals engage in sustained discourse with new insights and discoveries occurring over time as a result of varied perspectives and interpretations.

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Searching for information is often nonlinear and iterative, requiring the evaluation of a range of information sources and the mental flexibility to pursue alternate avenues as new understanding develops.