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*Corrado Library at Central Catholic High School*: Library Pursuit Contest

Welcome to the Corrado Library

Netzel's Pretzels: LIbrary Pursuit

Can you be the first to answer all 6 questions using only Library Resources? 

The real challenge:  these questions were written in 1981, and you have to answer as if it's 1981.

Library Trivial Pursuit Card #1

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The Rules

*The Challenge*

Answer all 6 of the questions on this Trivial Pursuit card correctly

**The Bigger Challenge**

you need to cite a source from a Library Database to back-up your answer

***The _Biggest_ Challenge***

The Trivial Pursuit Master Set (Genus I  (not "Genius") edition) came out in 1981, so the 'correct' answers to the questions are almost 40 years old... so think like a Historian.  

  • Anyone at CCHS can play, and the game will be open through Spring Break.   
  • The Winner is the first person to answer all 6 questions correctly (circa 1981) and have a library database citation for each one.   
  • If no one has done so by April 1st, winner will be as follows:   
    • Earliest submission with Most correct Cited Answers.
    • If no submission has  correct cited answers:  Earliest with Most correct Uncited Answers.  
  • You may go back and edit your answers, but the timestamp of the LAST update will be used for determining the winner.  You may submit answers without answering all questions.

If you "just knew the answer"  (i.e. it is knowledge you have in your own brain and did not need to look up), you can note that, but you still need to find information about that answer somewhere in the Databases.  

ex. If the Sports and Leisure question were"  
        Sports &Leisure: "What NFL Team Has Won the Most Super Bowls, at 4?" 

I'd be able to tell you that, as of 1981, the answer was "The Pittsburgh Steelers" without looking it up.  I'd still have to cite a page, like this one from Britannica via ProQuest eLibrary, that is about the answer. 

"Pittsburgh Steelers". Encyclopedia Britannica, Chicago, 2019. ProQuest,

 You can also make an "educated guess", but those weigh less in the tiebreakers.