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*Corrado Library at Central Catholic High School*: Book Bank

Welcome to the Corrado Library

About the Exchange

Central Catholic High School Book Bank Program


The Central Catholic High School Book Bank book exchange program is looking for your gently used books from English this year.  If you drop off books, you will be given a ticket to get a book from the program in the future! The following year, those with tickets will have first priority at receiving books through the program.  You can use a book from the program when your English class is reading it, and then re-donate it back to the Book Bank.  This will help you recycle, hook someone else up with a free book, save money on buying books for yourself, and be a better person overall. Yay!  Some rules:

  • We will ONLY accept the titles below.  

  • We will ONLY accept books that have NOT been annotated.  Light to moderate annotation is okay.

  • We will ONLY accept books in the Library.  Do not give them to your English teacher.

  • No Guarantee that a particular title will be in stock.

Books Accepted


Freshmen texts

Sophomore texts

Junior texts

Senior texts

Night Circus


Complete Maus


Romeo + Juliet (Folger’s ONLY)


House on Mango Street

Othello (Folger’s ONLY)


To Kill A Mockingbird


Importance of Being Earnest


Joy Luck Club

Great Gatsby


Of Mice and Men




Into the Wild


Every Day


The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

12th Night (Folger’s ONLY)


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Hamlet (Folger’s ONLY)