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Voter Forums 2020: 26-217 (City)

26-217 City

City of Portland - Proposed by initiative petition.
  • 26-217 - City of Portland
     - Shall Charter be amended to authorize new, independent community police oversight board to investigate complaints against Portland Police, impose discipline? 

A "yes" vote supports: 

  • amending the city's charter to establish a new police oversight board,
  • giving the board the power to subpoena witnesses and request police documents and evidence to investigate complaints made against the Portland Police Bureau, 
  • allowing the board to impose disciplinary actions up to termination of law enforcement professionals, and 
  • authorizing the board to recommend policing policy to the Portland Police Bureau and Portland City Council.

A "no" vote opposes amending the city charter to establish a new police oversight board, thereby maintaining the existing Independent Police Review that was established by ordinance and operates under the city auditor.

General Notes about Researching Ballot Measures

Reminders when researching Ballot Measure Information

  1. Read arguments from multiple perspectives, not just the arguments of the perspective you are presenting.
  2. Be aware of your own (Confirmation) Bias:  what you personally believe will affect  both WHAT and HOW you search for information, and HOW you interpret the information you find, whether you intend it to or not.
  3. Use original sources whenever possible:  if someone quotes a statistic, WHERE did they get that information? This is especially true for comments in the Voters' Pamphlet, or information on BallotPedia.
  4. Research your sources....:  WHO is the person or organization making the claim?  WHAT might their reason  be for making those claims? WHAT, if anything, gives them credibility?
  5. ...but Don't Take Their Word For It : when researching a source, don't trust the "about us" page of the person or organization's website. Read laterally.  WHAT do other people say about the source?


Note on Voters Guides

Note: anyone may file an argument in the voters pamphlet, rules and fees for doing so are here (Multnomah County), and here (Statewide). Rules for for what is prohibited are here .  Postings are not Checked or Edited for accuracy.

Note: on rare occasions, citizens will file "Arguments in Opposition" as "Arguments in Support" (and vice versa) but phrased in a way as to resemble the type filed as. 

Example:  "Vote YES on Measure 24-601 if you think STEALING bread from hardworking small business owners should be legal."

Arguments AGAINST

Voters Pamphlet Arguments

(see "Note on Voters Guides")