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Community Summer Reading 2024

Summer Reading List 2024

All-School Summer Reading List 2024



 Honors II, Honors III, AP IV

Every single student, regardless of grade or track, reads The Lemon Tree...

AND chooses and reads another book during the summer.

For a total of 2 Books


Honors/AP students ALSO read the book below that corresponds to their course. Honors/AP Students read a total of 3 books:1 Choice, 1 Community Read, 1 Honors AP book.

Two books, one of which is your choice.

Please make sure the book you choose demonstrates a good faith effort to be a book that...

  • ...will enrich you and/or bring you joy.
  • have not read before, and will read in the summer.
  • ... is a good fit for who you are as a person and your reading level. 
  • ... is something you feel comfortable discussing with other members of the CCHS community.

Free Choice books will have discussions and assessments in English Classes during the first two weeks of school.

The Lemon Tree will have discussions and assessments in Theology or Social Studies during the third week of school.




Honors II (10th):

Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood,


It's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime (Adapted for Young Readers)by Trevor Noah.

Honors III (11th):

Chapters 1-7 of The Day the World Came to Town, Jim Defede.


AP (12th):

We Have Always Lived in the Castleby Shirley Jackson.

Hypothetical Examples:

  • Nina Ninthgrader is entering English I (9th grade),  she  reads The Lemon Tree, and any other book of her choice. 
  • Terry Twelvsies is entering English IV (12th grade), they read The Lemon Tree, and any other book of their choice.
  • Torquil Twelvingham is entering AP English (12th grade), he reads The Lemon Tree, and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, and any other book of his choice.

More information: About Summer Reading.

What Do You Plan to Read?

**Returning Students: What Do You Plan to Read? (Survey)**

You're not "locked in" with this choice, but we'd love to know what you think you might read. Please click on the survey link below (Thanks!!!)

If you have filled this out in class, you don't need to do it again. If you fill this out here, you don't need to do it again in class...

What Do We Mean By...?

"Choose and read one book that you want to read,"

Just like it says. We want you to pick your own book from the nearly limitless options. 

 "in good faith... "

At Central Catholic, character matters. We are trusting that, as Central Catholic students, you will be people of character with the  honesty, self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, and conscientiousness, to respect the request that you read a book.

"...that it will enrich you and/or bring you joy." 

The purpose of Summer Reading is actually just to get people to enjoy reading. There's substantive evidence that reading in the summer produces stronger student outcomes, but really we want to cultivate a culture of reading. So we want you to like what you read.  Some may want to go a route of self-improvement, or challenge themselves with something, for many others of you (who read in the summer anyway) we want to respect that choice as a valid one and not take time away from it.

"...that you have not it read before, and will read it this summer."

The purpose is reading something new and reading it in the summer.  Falling back on a book you read in middle school, or a book you read during this school year doesn't count. Have the integrity to make a new choice, and the  self-discipline and conscientiousness to follow through with reading it

"...that you will feel comfortable talking about it with others. "

We do want to have conversations about what you've chosen, and there will be in-school activities based around the book you are choosing as your Summer Reading book, so it will need to be something you feel comfortable talking about in our community.

"...that it is a good fit for who you are as a person and a reader."

The book you choose should be something that you legitimately want to read and are interested in, for whatever reason you are interested in the book.  There are not any length or level guidelines, but, for example, a 12th grader choosing  Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile to check the box of  reading "a book" is not within the spirit of this activity. We have a range of reading levels that we want to respect in our community, and we want every student to be honest and discerning about what kind of book is a good fit for them.