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Summer Reading 2019

Resources for Summer Reading books for the Summer of 2019

Why Choose This Book?

Our Stories, Our Voices: 23 YA Authors Get Real About Injustice, Empowerment, and Growing Up Female in America

edited by Amy Reed (2018)Our Stories, Our Voices

" empowering collection of twenty one stories that embody the realities of being a woman in American society. Covering stories of women across all identities whether about race, religion, sexual identity, ethnicity, and more, we broaden our understanding of feminism and rape culture. This powerful collection expresses the prominence of injustice for women, and inspires us to find hope and unity."

- CCHS Student, Class of '19

With essays by

Choose this book if..

  • You prefer memoirs, essays, and non fiction to short stories or novels
  • You are intersted in 'intersectional' thinking.
  • You are okay with some stronger language, recognition of injustice, and/or reference to racist violence...

NOTE: This book may be better suited to more mature readers.

There is an editors note:

"Dear Reader,
Some of the essays in this collection deal with sensitive subject matter that may be disturbing, traumatizing, or triggering for certain readers."

and then lists the essays that readers sensitive to issues of abuse, sexual assault, and racist violence may want to take extra care in reading or choosing not to read.

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