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Mathematics: Famous Mathematicians (AP)

Research Information for Mathematics and Statistics, including general resources and class or project specific pages

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Website Links

A Note on "googling":   there are lots of sites with names like  "" or "" or... well some combination of those kind of words and a .com/.org  etc...  most of them are jammed full of pop-ups and advertisements on all sides,  which is a good indication that the site exists for something other than being a quality source of information. They rarely cite sources.  For that reason, be careful when just doing an open web search.  (Honestly, Wikipedia articles are better resources than most of those kinds of sites, since they have multiple eyes and editors on them, and have citations).

The sites listed below, are generally produced by, or in conjunction with, university mathematics departments.  While they may have occasional ads (or may look like they were made in the 1990s) they are generally useful.

General Websites

St. Andrews' University

Women Mathematicians

Selected Books in the Library Collection