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Mathematics: Games of Chance [Statistics]

Research Information for Mathematics and Statistics, including general resources and class or project specific pages


A few notes/warnings when researching Gambling / Games of Chance on-line:

1.Depending on the game, much of what you get in the first results "Google Search" will be links to  "Play Free Online" or other advertising-supported sites.  These are not good research sites.  

2. Many of those online-gaming sites will be blocked by the school's web-filter.  HOWEVER, the web-filter may also incorrectly categorize sites about gambling as "gaming" sites  (this has happened with sites about gambling addiction treatment).  If you think a site is a legitimate research resource (not a game), we may petition to get it unblocked.

3. If you read the Wikipedia entry for your particular game,  you may use the sources they cite, but not the wikipedia entry itself.  Always use original sources.

Britannica Online - Encyclopedia

Britannica has History and Information about the following  (use these as keywords in the search box above)

  • Poker
  • Slot Machine 
  • Mah-Jongg 
  • Craps 
  • Roulette 
  • Blackjack 
  • Baccarat
  • Keno 
  • Lottery
  • Game Theory
  • Games of Chance  (Probability and Statistics)

Native American Games of Chance

General Sources
Stick Dice   (Dice)
Bowl & Dice / Wa'lade Hama'gan / Hubbub  (Dice)

Games of Asia

Mah-Jong / Mah-Jongg   (Card / Tile)
Cho Dai Di  "Big Two"   (Card)
Kitsune Bakuchi  (Dice)

Note:  Most online references to this simple dice game say the exact same thing, and cite to a specific book: Musui's Story: The Autobiography of a Tokugawa Samurai.

Ancient Games

Twenty Squares  /  Royal Game of Ur
Game of 12 Lines / Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum

Games of Chance Lists

Wikipedia Articles
For basic Background and Game Identification only...

General Websites Listing Games
Lists of rules for multiple Dice and Card games. Most sites are advertising-supported.

Web Articles

Articles available on the web regarding Probability and Games.