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Spanish Language and Culture: Spanish Speaking World

General Resources for Spanish Classes

Travel Sites

Commercial Travel Sites & Guides

The following sites sell travel guides and trip planning information, or partner with companies that do. Therefore they can be advertisement heavy. Most contain some useful free information as well. Not every guide company covers every country. You may need to search within the page linked to find yours.

Google Earth

Google Earth 

Google Earth is a great tool for exploring the world, and not just for the maps.  The web version of Google Earth can be used from any web-browser. It doesn't offer as many features as the desktop program version (Google Earth Pro).

Find this Google Earth Pro Icon on a Library Computer

Google Earth Pro is available on all computers in the Library. Explore the "Layers" menu found on the left hand side to find information, including photos, links, 3d models, etc on all manner of locations of interest.  Epecially expand the "more" checkbox to adjust what you are looking for.

Google Earth Pro is free to download onto your own computers at home. You do not need to download it to the Library computers, just use the grey 'globe' link on the desktop.